Friday, December 14, 2012

fresh friday

I'm sorry for not blogging the last two weeks, there has been a ton going on.  Plus, the blog wouldn't let me post pictures for some reason and that is exactly what I have for you.  Christmas pictures!!

Things are finally winding down and I am beyond excited for Christmas!  But as expected, I got really really sick on Monday.  I wasn't sure if it was a flu or sinus infection until Tuesday when I could barely move and my teeth were incredibly painful -> sinus infection.  I am in the stuffy/slight cough phase of it now, so things are slightly more tolerable.

We decorated the house two weekends ago and it looks wonderful!  It really is exactly what I wanted/was envisioning.  Because of the orange wall in the livingroom, I was a little bit perplexed about my colors/theme for my Christmas tree.  I decided on turquoise/brown/cream as well as a bunch of adorable owls.  We've named the tree topper Bernard (and if you can guess why, I am incredibly impressed) and the white owl on the right was already named Hedwig.  If you have suggestions for the others, let me know.  Have a look:

Bernard in the middle, Hedwig on the right.

The little guy on the right is my favorite.

lights on/lights off

I also decorated both fireplace mantles.

The Livingroom.

The Kitchen.
(the camera did not like the lights for some reason.)
We have candles in each window (except the huge ones) and a wreath on the front door.  I just needs some garland for the stair railing and we are in business!

I gave my last final exam yesterday and I have 48 of them to grade this weekend.  But besides that, I am done for the semester!

Next week I will be baking all sorts of Christmas cookies!  Get ready for that post!

Devin had his first concert at his new job this week.  It was fabulous as always!

And finally, here are a couple pictures of the girls.

Janey finally got a pretty awesome winter coat this year.

Deeley has been spending a lot of time lately in boxes that are way too small for her.
So Long!