Friday, March 30, 2012

fresh fridays

Devin being on spring break has totally messed up my days.  I thought that it was Friday for the last two days.  Thank goodness it finally is!

1.  Alright so it's time for the big announcement.  My contract has been signed and so I am ready to publicly announce that I will be joining the Math Department at Bucknell University this fall!!

2.  We visited Bucknell last Thursday/Friday.  You encounter some crazy fog when driving through central PA.

3.  Bucknell has one of the most gorgeous campuses I have ever seen.  Here are some pics.

4.  We picked a real estate agent and are pumped to be looking for our first home!

5.  So I have a draft of my thesis written.  Really exciting!

6.  Um, Anchorman 2 !!!

7.  Can I just say GO SABRES!!  I hope that they kill the Pens tonight.

8.  We get a rare visit from the Gommels tonight; all three of them!  I haven't seen Beth and Zack since this summer and I do not think I have seen Peter in years.  Unfortunately they are getting in late and leaving early, but I will take what I can get.  Can't wait to see Zack walking!

9.  I got to make the brussels sprout and bacon pizza.  My half (bottom) didn't have bacon, Devin's half (top) didn't have sprouts.  It was really tasty.  The dough made an awesome thin crust and it was no knead.  I would absolutely make this again.

10.  They are tearing down the wall between our kitchen and dining room all of next week.  It is going to make a mess and I have to keep the kitties locked in a room all day every day.  I am going to try and work from home with them as much as possible.  I am so ready to have our own place.

11.  It is definitely past winter scarf weather and we seemed to skip right over spring scarf weather this year, but I think we may have some days coming up that will warrant a spring scarf.  There is this Knot Library that has 50+ ways to tie a scarf.  I always just do either the slip knot or the double loop, but I cannot wait to try some of these.  I really want to do the Four-In-Hand.  

12.  Here is a cute pic of the girls.

So Long!

Friday, March 23, 2012

fresh fridays

Another Friday.

1.  There have not been too many fresh things this week since I have been getting over my sinus infection.  Still not quite there.

2.  We went to the Symphony on Sunday for a St. Patrick's Day Pops Concert.  Natalie MacMaster played the fiddle.  It was a fun concert, we were 6th row center and hands down I think MacMaster is the coolest last name.

3. I still haven't signed my contract.  I will let you know soon I promise!

4.  I made that BBQ Chicken Pizza the other day.  I made the crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken earlier in the week and used the leftovers for the pizza.  It was really good.  I loved the BBQ/pineapple/jalepeno combination. The dough was sooo dense though.  It was like a Chicago deep dish pizza and I am just not a fan of that much crust.

5. We are coming home for Easter and I am extremely excited!

6.  I absolutely have to make these for Easter

7.  I have complained about my nail polish lasting only like 1 day and that is generally why I do not paint my fingernails.  I bought some OPI top coat and put it over the purple, and they lasted without any major chips for a whole week!! I was very excited!

8. I think I have a tentative date set for my thesis defense.  One month from today actually.  Aahh!

9.  I know my mother in law wanted to see more Godspell pictures, so here you go -

10.  Turns out Devin doesn't like brie.  I think that the brie also decided it didn't like Devin. They had a pretty violent fight from between 2-5 am on Wednesday.  The brie put up a good fight but I think in the end Devin won. He is finally feeling better.

11. New Esperanza album came out on Tuesday.!

12.  The only time Deeley can stand being next to Janey is in the morning looking at the birdies on the porch from their open window.

So Long!

Friday, March 16, 2012

fresh fridays

Good Morning!

I do not know how these Fridays keep on coming so fast.  
You think I would be happy.  
But I have sooo much to do before graduation (5/20).  
Like finish and defend my thesis.  

No biggie.

1.  Flynt Decision 2012 has been made.  The official public announcement will come after I sign the contract.  Hopefully soon!

2.  Devin's 7th and 8th grade had their final performance of Godspell last night.

3.  The performance was so amazing it made me weep.  Both nights I saw it.

4.  Here is my favorite picture from last night.

5.  Here are the gorgeous flowers that Devin (Abby) got the first night.  They are the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have seen since my wedding.  We got another bouquet last night and then another one that someone left behind and I couldn't let get thrown out.

6.  While the flowers are gorgeous, they are sitting on my stove in hopes that Janey does not get to them and Devin is only minimally allergic to them.

7.  Oh and me too.  I have an awful sinus infection.  And everything and anything makes my nose burn.  I had a little bit of a sore throat in the beginning of the week and then it hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks.  I know when it is a sinus infection because my teeth throb.  I hate it.  I am such a baby when I am sick.  I fully acknowledge it.  I am pathetic. 

8.  This is another week that I have slacked on my recipe bookmarking.   I plan on making this vanilla cinnamon ice cream once my sinus infection is gone.  And I thought this looked pretty yummy.

9.  It pretty much hit 80 degrees this week.  It is supposed to be 80 degrees everyday for the foreseeable future (5 day forecast).

10.  With tomorrow being Saturday and St. Patricks Day and 80 degrees, I may just lock myself in the house.  Oh but I have a haircut!

11.  I got new nail polish for the Spring. It is OPI's Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?  And I do!  It has pretty sparkles that shine in the sunlight.

12.   I had to share these pictures of Deeley because she looks HUGE! (It's all fur)

So Long!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(Buffalo) Chicken Enchiladas

I have a simulation running that is likely going to take forever, so I thought I would write this post.

Being a Buffalo girl means that I put Franks on everything.  Just like the commercial says: "I put that $h!t on everything."  Also being a Buffalo girl, I cannot stand it when anything with some sort of hot sauce on, in, or around it outside of WNY is referred to as "Buffalo" whatever.  I do not know why that bothers me, I also do not know a better solution.  I mean what else would you call it?   

This recipe also has blue cheese in it, so I feel a little bit better about calling it Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas as opposed to just chicken enchiladas with some hot sauce thrown in the sauce.

By the way, they are pretty stinking good.

I used premade enchilada sauce and added in about 1/2 cup of Franks.

I cooked up 1.5 boneless skinless chicken breast.  Then I shredded them, added in a couple sliced green onions, about 1/4 cup monterey jack cheese and enough sauce to moisten the mixture (probably about 1/2 of it).

Spray the bottom and sides of your dish with cooking spray and then coat the bottom of the dish with the sauce.

I knew I was going to make four enchiladas so I scored the chicken mixture and put 1/4 of it in a flour tortilla.

I continued the process with all four enchiladas, topped them with the remainder of the sauce and then covered them with another 1/4 cup monterey jack.

They went in a 375 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  As soon as they come out, top with crumbled blue cheese, some more green onions, and then enjoy!

So Long!

Friday, March 9, 2012

fresh fridays

How is it Friday already?

First and foremost, I want to wish my mother-in-law Annette a very Happy Birthday!!  I am so unbelievably lucky to have had you in my life for so long.  Here's to many many more healthy years!!

1.  I have been gone this whole week.  I left early Sunday and I got back last night around 11 pm.  Traveling for business is never fun.

2.  I almost missed my layover on Sunday.  Like I was almost sprinting across the stupid Detroit airport to make my connection.  I was the last person to get on the plane and they closed up shop right after I got on.

3.  I spent a couple days at Notre Dame.  It was beautiful!  Here are some pictures.

4.  Then I flew from South Bend back to Detroit.  The layover was a little better, I had about 10 minutes at the gate before boarding.  Then Detroit to NYC.  I had my first Biscoff cookie.  I was so stinking excited to try it because I have heard sooo much about Biscoff lately.  It kind of just tasted burnt.  Major disappointment.

5.  The shower at my hotel was a disaster.  When I turned it on, water shot out of the shower head, over the curtain, onto the ceiling, onto the mirror and pretty much drenched the entire bathroom.  I was not a fan.

6.  NYC is kind of scary when you are alone.  I stayed in the Upper West Side which appeared to be a nice area, but I still did not stray too far from the hotel.  

7.  I had decided before going to NYC that on my first night, I was going to eat dinner at Luke's Lobster.  Thank God I decided ahead of time because on my 1.5 block walk to the restaurant, I passed about 15 restaurants.  Their family are lobstermen in Maine.   I haven't been to Maine in a few years and I was dying for a lobster roll.    The roll came with some great kettle cooked chips and a maine root beer and it was delicious!.  The lobster was so fresh and light and full of flavor.  It made my trip!  I could have had two.  I should have had two.

8.  I passed by this place and had to take a picture for my dad - Fred!

9.  The hotel was connected to this great little cafĂ©.  I paid $4 for a double espresso but it was actually very good.  Here is my ($10) breakfast at the bar yesterday morning.

10.  I sat in JFK yesterday for like way way longer than anyone should have to.  And then we took off 1.5 hrs late.  It was not very fun.

11.  I haven't had time to look at any food blogs this week so I do not have any saved recipes.  I glanced at this and it looks promising!

12.  I am making a decision like possibly today about which position I will be accepting.  That is really exciting!  And really scary!  And really exciting!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am going to spend mine with my husband and my girls.

So Long!

Friday, March 2, 2012

fresh fridays

Friday again.  I love that it is the weekend, but these weeks are going by too fast.  Or at least I am not getting enough accomplished each week.

1.  So last fresh friday, I said "Rather tepid week.  No highs or lows, just struggling to get a draft of my thesis finished."  Yes I was (and still am) struggling to get my thesis written, but I got a big high Friday afternoon.  I had a permanent smile on my face for days.  More to come on this maybe next week.

2.  The big high was cause for celebration.  So was the fact that we still hadn't gone out for our Valentine's dinner and our 12 year anniversary (since we started dating) is next Tuesday (I will be traveling).  I have a really hard time finding a fancy restaurant for us to go to, because Devin is not too adventurous when it comes to eating.  When we went to a nice restaurant for his birthday, he got the burger.  Granted it was kobe beef, but it was still a burger.  We decided to go to Cioppino in the Strip because I knew Devin could find something on the menu between the crab crakes and ribeye.  I decided I wanted a martini celebrate.  So I got a peartini.  It turns out that I do not like martinis.  Waaaaay too much alcohol for this girl.  It was so bad.  I didn't want to waste it, so I drank it really fast.  Bad idea.  I was pretty chatty for the rest of dinner.

3.  Devin ended up getting the short rib and absolutely loving it.  I got well, the Ciopinno.  It was full of fresh seafood and came with a seafood broth.  I really enjoyed it, but I think I like Zuppa better because it has a tomato based broth.  We started the dinner with some calamari which was hands down the best calamari I have had outside of New England.  We ended the dinner with banana bread french toast.  It was so yummy, covered in caramel sauce with a vanilla milkshake shooter on the side.  Also on the side was…chocolate covered bacon.  I asked them to put it on a separate plate for Devin.  He enjoyed it with the french toast, but not alone.

4.  I painted my nails again with a glitter gradient.  This was an Essie polish.  It lasted like 3 days as usual before completing peeling off.  It was fun while it lasted!  Blinging!

5.  My dad and Bridget bought me these super cute tights for Christmas.  I finally wore them this weekend. They were green and blue, so I sort of felt like Mystique.

6.  I have some non-sweet recipes saved for this week.  Un, deux, trois (sans bacon).  And um, homemade spaghettios?? I'm in.

7.  And one sweet one.

8.  I made nutella oatmeal with bananas two mornings this week.  It was super easy to make and so so yummy.  Plus it keeps you fuller longer than cereal does.

9.  I leave Sunday for a two city interview extravaganza.  I get back Thursday night.  I am excited to visit the two schools, and see the cities, but I am not excited to be away from home for that long.  Sad face.

10.  When it is unseasonably warm (like 60 degrees and sunny in February), I like the treat myself to iced unsweetened passion teas from Starbucks.  I love them!

11.  Speaking of drinks, this was my beautiful cortado from 21st Street on Sunday.

12.  Lately Janey has been all up on me when I am on my laptop.  I decided to play a bird video for her to watch.  She totally freaked out and kept stepping all over my keyboard and pausing it and quitting it and all sorts of bad stuff, so I played it on the iPad.  And Deeley joined in for a bit.

Avoir un merveileux weekend.

So Long!