Friday, March 23, 2012

fresh fridays

Another Friday.

1.  There have not been too many fresh things this week since I have been getting over my sinus infection.  Still not quite there.

2.  We went to the Symphony on Sunday for a St. Patrick's Day Pops Concert.  Natalie MacMaster played the fiddle.  It was a fun concert, we were 6th row center and hands down I think MacMaster is the coolest last name.

3. I still haven't signed my contract.  I will let you know soon I promise!

4.  I made that BBQ Chicken Pizza the other day.  I made the crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken earlier in the week and used the leftovers for the pizza.  It was really good.  I loved the BBQ/pineapple/jalepeno combination. The dough was sooo dense though.  It was like a Chicago deep dish pizza and I am just not a fan of that much crust.

5. We are coming home for Easter and I am extremely excited!

6.  I absolutely have to make these for Easter

7.  I have complained about my nail polish lasting only like 1 day and that is generally why I do not paint my fingernails.  I bought some OPI top coat and put it over the purple, and they lasted without any major chips for a whole week!! I was very excited!

8. I think I have a tentative date set for my thesis defense.  One month from today actually.  Aahh!

9.  I know my mother in law wanted to see more Godspell pictures, so here you go -

10.  Turns out Devin doesn't like brie.  I think that the brie also decided it didn't like Devin. They had a pretty violent fight from between 2-5 am on Wednesday.  The brie put up a good fight but I think in the end Devin won. He is finally feeling better.

11. New Esperanza album came out on Tuesday.!

12.  The only time Deeley can stand being next to Janey is in the morning looking at the birdies on the porch from their open window.

So Long!

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