Friday, March 2, 2012

fresh fridays

Friday again.  I love that it is the weekend, but these weeks are going by too fast.  Or at least I am not getting enough accomplished each week.

1.  So last fresh friday, I said "Rather tepid week.  No highs or lows, just struggling to get a draft of my thesis finished."  Yes I was (and still am) struggling to get my thesis written, but I got a big high Friday afternoon.  I had a permanent smile on my face for days.  More to come on this maybe next week.

2.  The big high was cause for celebration.  So was the fact that we still hadn't gone out for our Valentine's dinner and our 12 year anniversary (since we started dating) is next Tuesday (I will be traveling).  I have a really hard time finding a fancy restaurant for us to go to, because Devin is not too adventurous when it comes to eating.  When we went to a nice restaurant for his birthday, he got the burger.  Granted it was kobe beef, but it was still a burger.  We decided to go to Cioppino in the Strip because I knew Devin could find something on the menu between the crab crakes and ribeye.  I decided I wanted a martini celebrate.  So I got a peartini.  It turns out that I do not like martinis.  Waaaaay too much alcohol for this girl.  It was so bad.  I didn't want to waste it, so I drank it really fast.  Bad idea.  I was pretty chatty for the rest of dinner.

3.  Devin ended up getting the short rib and absolutely loving it.  I got well, the Ciopinno.  It was full of fresh seafood and came with a seafood broth.  I really enjoyed it, but I think I like Zuppa better because it has a tomato based broth.  We started the dinner with some calamari which was hands down the best calamari I have had outside of New England.  We ended the dinner with banana bread french toast.  It was so yummy, covered in caramel sauce with a vanilla milkshake shooter on the side.  Also on the side was…chocolate covered bacon.  I asked them to put it on a separate plate for Devin.  He enjoyed it with the french toast, but not alone.

4.  I painted my nails again with a glitter gradient.  This was an Essie polish.  It lasted like 3 days as usual before completing peeling off.  It was fun while it lasted!  Blinging!

5.  My dad and Bridget bought me these super cute tights for Christmas.  I finally wore them this weekend. They were green and blue, so I sort of felt like Mystique.

6.  I have some non-sweet recipes saved for this week.  Un, deux, trois (sans bacon).  And um, homemade spaghettios?? I'm in.

7.  And one sweet one.

8.  I made nutella oatmeal with bananas two mornings this week.  It was super easy to make and so so yummy.  Plus it keeps you fuller longer than cereal does.

9.  I leave Sunday for a two city interview extravaganza.  I get back Thursday night.  I am excited to visit the two schools, and see the cities, but I am not excited to be away from home for that long.  Sad face.

10.  When it is unseasonably warm (like 60 degrees and sunny in February), I like the treat myself to iced unsweetened passion teas from Starbucks.  I love them!

11.  Speaking of drinks, this was my beautiful cortado from 21st Street on Sunday.

12.  Lately Janey has been all up on me when I am on my laptop.  I decided to play a bird video for her to watch.  She totally freaked out and kept stepping all over my keyboard and pausing it and quitting it and all sorts of bad stuff, so I played it on the iPad.  And Deeley joined in for a bit.

Avoir un merveileux weekend.

So Long!

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