Friday, March 16, 2012

fresh fridays

Good Morning!

I do not know how these Fridays keep on coming so fast.  
You think I would be happy.  
But I have sooo much to do before graduation (5/20).  
Like finish and defend my thesis.  

No biggie.

1.  Flynt Decision 2012 has been made.  The official public announcement will come after I sign the contract.  Hopefully soon!

2.  Devin's 7th and 8th grade had their final performance of Godspell last night.

3.  The performance was so amazing it made me weep.  Both nights I saw it.

4.  Here is my favorite picture from last night.

5.  Here are the gorgeous flowers that Devin (Abby) got the first night.  They are the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have seen since my wedding.  We got another bouquet last night and then another one that someone left behind and I couldn't let get thrown out.

6.  While the flowers are gorgeous, they are sitting on my stove in hopes that Janey does not get to them and Devin is only minimally allergic to them.

7.  Oh and me too.  I have an awful sinus infection.  And everything and anything makes my nose burn.  I had a little bit of a sore throat in the beginning of the week and then it hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks.  I know when it is a sinus infection because my teeth throb.  I hate it.  I am such a baby when I am sick.  I fully acknowledge it.  I am pathetic. 

8.  This is another week that I have slacked on my recipe bookmarking.   I plan on making this vanilla cinnamon ice cream once my sinus infection is gone.  And I thought this looked pretty yummy.

9.  It pretty much hit 80 degrees this week.  It is supposed to be 80 degrees everyday for the foreseeable future (5 day forecast).

10.  With tomorrow being Saturday and St. Patricks Day and 80 degrees, I may just lock myself in the house.  Oh but I have a haircut!

11.  I got new nail polish for the Spring. It is OPI's Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?  And I do!  It has pretty sparkles that shine in the sunlight.

12.   I had to share these pictures of Deeley because she looks HUGE! (It's all fur)

So Long!


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  2. From the sounds of it, the final performance was amazing! Well, I think the people did a magnificent job with it. And I think watching that kind of performance can help with thesis writing that can sometimes be demanding and stressing.