Friday, March 30, 2012

fresh fridays

Devin being on spring break has totally messed up my days.  I thought that it was Friday for the last two days.  Thank goodness it finally is!

1.  Alright so it's time for the big announcement.  My contract has been signed and so I am ready to publicly announce that I will be joining the Math Department at Bucknell University this fall!!

2.  We visited Bucknell last Thursday/Friday.  You encounter some crazy fog when driving through central PA.

3.  Bucknell has one of the most gorgeous campuses I have ever seen.  Here are some pics.

4.  We picked a real estate agent and are pumped to be looking for our first home!

5.  So I have a draft of my thesis written.  Really exciting!

6.  Um, Anchorman 2 !!!

7.  Can I just say GO SABRES!!  I hope that they kill the Pens tonight.

8.  We get a rare visit from the Gommels tonight; all three of them!  I haven't seen Beth and Zack since this summer and I do not think I have seen Peter in years.  Unfortunately they are getting in late and leaving early, but I will take what I can get.  Can't wait to see Zack walking!

9.  I got to make the brussels sprout and bacon pizza.  My half (bottom) didn't have bacon, Devin's half (top) didn't have sprouts.  It was really tasty.  The dough made an awesome thin crust and it was no knead.  I would absolutely make this again.

10.  They are tearing down the wall between our kitchen and dining room all of next week.  It is going to make a mess and I have to keep the kitties locked in a room all day every day.  I am going to try and work from home with them as much as possible.  I am so ready to have our own place.

11.  It is definitely past winter scarf weather and we seemed to skip right over spring scarf weather this year, but I think we may have some days coming up that will warrant a spring scarf.  There is this Knot Library that has 50+ ways to tie a scarf.  I always just do either the slip knot or the double loop, but I cannot wait to try some of these.  I really want to do the Four-In-Hand.  

12.  Here is a cute pic of the girls.

So Long!

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  1. Thanks for featuring our "Knot Library!" :D And congrats on Bucknell! :)

    --Stacie from Scarves Dot Net