Friday, April 6, 2012

fresh fridays

Fresh Friday from Hamburg, what what!!

1.  When I come home, I am always incredibly busy visiting with all of my family and friends and it usually always centers around food.  I am going to try to take a picture of all of my meals while I am home to share with you.

2.  This week there has been construction going on in our apartment.  They tore down the wall between our kitchen and dining room and are putting in a new kitchen floor.  The problem it that the wall they removed contained electrical stuff, plumbing, and two heating vents, so it is a huge process.  The other problem is that the contractors are not the sharpest tools in the shed and they are taking

3.  Because of the construction, I have mostly stayed up in the bedroom with the girls.  They were ok with it for the most part.

4.  I am really excited to play the Black Eyed Peas Experience with Liv this weekend. 

5.  We decided to trim Deeley's beard.  It was really out of control and was constantly crunchy and stuck in her mouth.  She looks real cute with her fur cut.  No pic yet.

6.  Do you watch the show Whitney?  I never really liked Whitney Cummings because she was always just really loud.  I guess she is only like that when she does stand up, because her show is very funny.  

I really, really like the actor that plays her boyfriend.  He is hilarious.  A couple weeks ago, he was super drunk and proposed to her and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen and I don't know why.  It must be funny because I made Devin watch it and he lol'ed a couple times.

7.  Two weeks ago I said to get the new Esperanza album.  That was after I listened to it once.  I now cannot stop listening to it, and I have to insist that you buy it.  It is hands down my favorite album ever.

8.  I have been really into the salty dessert thing lately.  It's ever since I enjoyed some salted caramels from The Milkshake Factory, and then made salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars.  Anyways, I am all about the salty sweets and so here is this weeks saved recipe #1 and saved recipe #2. Um, what??

9.  Just to give you something that is not all sugar, here is a spring panzanella salad that looks delicious (and healthy)!

10.  I wore a spring scarf this week and did the Four-In-Hand!  It's so fun!  My new favorite knot!

11.  Is it sad that Liv and I still color Easter eggs and find them Easter morning and get Easter baskets?  I don't think it is sad, I think it is great!

12.  My sister's 16th birthday is coming up so soon and I am at a total loss as to what to get her.  If I had the money, I would get her a car, but unfortunately, that is not an option.  I am stumped.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

So Long!

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