Saturday, September 29, 2012

"super saturday"

I forgot my computer at home yesterday so I was not able to post a fresh friday.  Here is a super saturday to replace it.

Lots of pictures from the week:

Find Friends is a fun new app.
Pretty good - no Pumpking though.

Devin's beer - We got a create a 6 pack from Weggies.

Our neighborhood is overrun by rabbits.  They are really cute.

The girls do not really think so.

Got the fireplace going this week.

The girls were intrigued.

This seems like a good life.

Baking scones with the fireplace going.

Finally, I had some pictures taken by Jonathan at Vantage Pictures for Bucknell.  They turned out really  nice.  Here are a couple.

I am going to try to enjoy this weekend, because next week might kill me.

So Long!

Friday, September 21, 2012

fresh friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

Somehow the weeks keep flying by.  I am 4.5 weeks into the semester (out of 15) and I cannot believe it.  I am giving my first exam in my upper level course today, so that means another weekend filled with grading.  At least I only have to grade a 52 min. exam for 21 people vs. an 82 min. exam for 49 people like last weekend.

I thought for sure I would be missing Pittsburgh like crazy by now, but I really haven't had the time to think much about it.  I certainly miss the people and also the food and coffee.  We were just talking last night about where we would eat if we took a little trip to Pittsburgh.  We decided for sure on Pamela's (bfast), Primanti's (lunch) and Piper's Pub (dinner), though probably not all in one day.  Plus we would hit every one of our favorite coffee places (twice).  A trip to Pittsburgh has actually been on my mind.  I am hoping to head there for a weekend sometime soon after Baby Girl Sweet is born.  I cannot wait to meet her!

A little bit of Pittsburgh is coming to Lewisburg in about a week and a half.  One of my advisors is coming to Bucknell for a week to do research with me.  I am really, really looking forward to it, but I have so much teaching prep to get done before she arrives, so that I do not need to worry about that on top of doing our research.

Another thing that I knew I would miss about Pittsburgh is the view from our deck.  I've posted many many pictures, especially of the sunset.  I have to say, while the views are different around here, they are pretty spectacular.

Something else that I am really looking forward to is Fall.  Autumn is hands down my favorite season and aside from it being freezing when I come into work in the morning I am embracing everything about it!  I have made us Nutella Oatmeal the past two mornings.  I even have some gords in the dining room.

From last year, you may or may not recall that I went through this HUGE pumpkin obsession that basically revolved around beer and dessert.  I have a very strong feeling that it is going to happen again.  We walked to get ice cream twice this week because I am in love with the special flavor soft serve: Pumpkin.

It is magnificent and I am totally bummed that The Freeze is closing for the season on Sunday.  I would walk there through all of Autumn to get this stuff!

We are heading out to Wegman's tonight and I fully plan on stocking up on some Fall beer.  Southern Tier Pumpking is an absolute must (my favorite beer ever)!  It is awesome in a black and tan with Young's Chocolate Stout, so I may have to get a couple of those as well.  Plus, I really want to try this new Blue Moon Caramel Apple, and the season would not be complete without some Sam Adams Octoberfest (the beer we had at our wedding).  So anyways, we will probably be coming home with a good amount of beer, and hopefully I will also get to the food section for some groceries.

Finally, I wrote several weeks ago about trying to keep the girls off of the kitchen counter while I am cooking.  For the most part they do really well.  That is unless I am cutting up chicken or making tuna for Devin's lunch.  This is where/how they hang out more or less while I am cooking now.

Have an amazing weekend and Happy first day of Fall (tomorrow)!

So Long!

Friday, September 14, 2012

fresh friday

Another week has somehow gone by and I really do not have that much to report.

I was at school for 12 hours on Wednesday.  I gave an exam yesterday.  Now I have 50 exams to grade this weekend.

Tomorrow we are going to a department picnic at R.B. Winter State Park which is supposed to be beautiful, so that should be fun.  I am making brownies!

Tomorrow night we are going to see the Ninety Miles Project at school.  I am looking forward to going to a concert, it has been awhile.

Sunday will hopefully be what it was intended for, a day of rest.

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend, and I am still waiting for your visit to Lewisburg...

Before I forget, this was pretty awesome to come home to yesterday:

So Long!

Friday, September 7, 2012

fresh friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

Not much new to share.  As my dad often says, "no news is good news."  We are just plugging along, trying to make our way through our first semester at new schools.  On one hand, it is hard to believe that it has been 2.5 weeks already, but on the other hand, I feel like it has been forever.  I give my first exam next week...the students couldn't believe it either.

I want to again wish my husband a very Happy Anniversary - you are the love of my life.

Just for fun, how about some pictures of the girls???  They are really starting to settle in at the new house.

She is not supposed to do this and she knows it.

Yes that is extremely high off the ground.

This was very silly.

They are liking the new chair.

Of course, a picture of Deeley sitting like a dude.
Have a fabulous weekend!

So Long!