Saturday, September 29, 2012

"super saturday"

I forgot my computer at home yesterday so I was not able to post a fresh friday.  Here is a super saturday to replace it.

Lots of pictures from the week:

Find Friends is a fun new app.
Pretty good - no Pumpking though.

Devin's beer - We got a create a 6 pack from Weggies.

Our neighborhood is overrun by rabbits.  They are really cute.

The girls do not really think so.

Got the fireplace going this week.

The girls were intrigued.

This seems like a good life.

Baking scones with the fireplace going.

Finally, I had some pictures taken by Jonathan at Vantage Pictures for Bucknell.  They turned out really  nice.  Here are a couple.

I am going to try to enjoy this weekend, because next week might kill me.

So Long!

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  1. I love these pictures! Also that fireplace looks so cozy! Hope you're having a great weekend.