Friday, November 16, 2012

fresh friday

Hello & Happy Friday - 

I have made it a point this morning to take a little bit of time and get some pictures posted for you.  

As promised I have some (really badly taken) closet photos.

BEFORE: just an empty room (well it was full of boxes of clothes)

AFTER: plenty of space to hang things!

AFTER: still a ton of room to move in there!

AFTER: we have a couple cabinets for storage and shelves were
added to the mini closets that were already there.

We are still so in love with the closet!  It has made the mornings so much better, and the cats love it too!

Here are some other highlights from the past week:

Cute coffee place, decent coffee - nearly felt like Pittsburgh.

It was so warm on Sunday we opened windows.

So warm in fact that  I got my peppermint mocha iced.

We went to a BU basketball game which was a ton of fun!!  They are really good.

This text totally made my Wednesday!

These are the sunrises that I get from my office window.  Perfection.

Well that is all from me.  We are heading home Tuesday night for the first time in months, like nearly 5 actually.  It has to be the longest that we have been away.  I am beyond excited to see my family and friends and celebrate the holiday.  Plus once Thanksgiving is over, I can get really excited about Christmas!!!

I highly doubt that there will be a fresh friday next Friday morning as that's right, I have some Black Friday shopping to do!  Wish me luck!

So Long!

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