Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthday Boy - Part I

Da na na na na na. You say it’s your birthday.
Da na na na na na. It’s my birthday too yea!

I have very fond memories of the (scary) motorized animals at Major Magics performing that song.  I don’t believe that I ever went to Major Magics for my birthday, but it was always someone’s birthday at Major Magics.  My memories are so fond that I decided to learn how to play the song (by the Beatles) on the piano (badly) for Devin on Tuesday.  Let me just tell you, he loved it!  Oh and when I played “Happy Birthday” and asked Devin to sing along with me, he loved that too!

Side Note:  I cannot actually play the piano.  At least not well. Though I am (was) Devin’s best student.  I played the violin so I can read music on the treble clef, but the bass clef is a whole other (sad) situation.  So is getting my left hand to play a rhythm (besides whole and half notes) different from my right hand.  I decided last October to learn how to play the piano.   I was slowly achieving my goal one Christmas song at a time.  I really just want to know how to play the piano to lead a Christmas sing-a-long with my family. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!  I learned a bunch of tunes, like Silent Night and Feliz Navidad (my personal favorite).  Guess what? I didn’t play a single note last Christmas.  I guess I was too embarrassed and then I hadn't really touched the piano since then (not my best moment).  This October rolls around and luckily after a quick review, I can play all of the songs that I learned last year.  I will play them this Christmas.  You mark my word.

Ok, so back to the birthday boy.  Devin turned 28 on Tuesday.  I can hardly believe we are approaching 30.  When I turn 30, I will have been together with Devin for half of my life.  I think that is pretty amazing!  How many people do you know that can say that?

Rather than everyone sending Devin money or gift cards this year, I orchestrated/organized the purchase of one big gift that he has been wanting for a long time:  a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine.  Devin makes espresso every morning and his old machine was quickly crapping out.  While these machines are expensive, he uses it enough to justify the money and more importantly, he deserves it.

Devin knew about the present, but we both sort of pretended that he didn’t.  When we got home one day, the giant box was sitting at our front door.  I quickly brought it upstairs, unloaded the machine in my closest and threw the shipping box downstairs.  Devin would make comments like “there is a big empty box downstairs that says Rancilio.”  Then I would reply “wow that’s weird” or “I don’t know what you are talking about.”  I also yelled several times “don’t go in my closet!”  Clearly, I am not at all obvious.  Clearly.  Devin also would make comments like “I really only have some free time on Sunday to spend setting anything up that might need setting up.”  I knew he was right.  In fact on Tuesday he worked 12 hours.  Some birthday.  So, I gave Devin his birthday present on Sunday.  I wanted him to be able to set it up and use it on the morning of his birthday (and Monday too I guess).

Here is the unveiling –

The machine was refurbished.  Which I guess means that it doesn’t come in a box, just 3 inches of bubble wrap.  I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents!  Just ask my family, my Christmas presents are bea-u-tiful!  I however HATE wrapping irregularly shaped gifts, like ones already wrapped in 3 inches of bubble wrap.  So, I wrapped the manual.

Happy Birthday!

Devin had no idea…

…that it didn’t come in a box.

The best I could do was put a bow around it.

It took awhile to get through the bubble wrap.

Such a handsome birthday boy by the way.

Getting Close


Thank god it fit under the counter!  So pretty!

Devin would like me to thank his parents, Aaron and Tanya, my mom, Tony, and Liv, my Dad and Bridget, and my Gram and Cal for his fantastic birthday present.

Stay Tuned: birthday food (Birthday Boy - Part II) coming up next!

So Long!

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