Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to my blog

This first entry is probably going to be all over the place, so bare with me.  As of yesterday I officially decided to create a blog.  My dear friend Tracy suggested that I start a baking blog because I do some pretty great baking.  I was very apprehensive because it is not as though I usually create my own recipes.  The truth is, I just happen to stumble upon some great baking recipes on other food blogs that I am able to do justice to.  After thinking about it, I guess, it would be a good idea for me to at least share the recipes that I try with my friends and family and other followers (are there other followers?).  Not everyone checks 10+ food blogs every morning like I do or has the time to test out recipes.   Not everyone has a husband that will eat pretty much anything I put in front of him (whether he likes the food or not).  I often use cooking and baking as a stress reliever so I do a lot of it.

In addition to the whole baking thing, I often get asked (mostly by curious family members) "What do you eat?"  The reason that I get asked this is because I have not eaten beef or pork in nearly two years.  In fact, the exact last time that I ate pork, baked ham to be specific, was on Sunday, April 12, 2009.  Yep, it was Easter.  The last time I ate beef was sometime before that.  Over my Easter "break" in 2009, I read the book Skinny Bitch.  My dear friend Tracy (again) had read the book and recommended it, sort of.  I knew that she read the book and became a vegetarian for nearly a year after, but I wasn't worried.  I mean, I love(d) steak, and a good burger, oh and bacon and prosciutto.   I was just reading the book to become more informed about food and nutrition.  It was one among several that I read. My husband asked me before I started reading if I thought I would become a vegetarian, and of course I was like no way; for all the reasons listed above and my dad is a butcher for heaven's sake, he would disown me.  Anyways, I remember that night sitting in bed reading and I turned to my husband and said, "I'm done."

So, I haven't eaten beef or pork since.  I occasionally eat poultry, I mean I am from Buffalo and wings and fingers are a necessity once every couple months. (I will share my chicken finger recipe at some point.  They are the best homemade chicken fingers in the world, and I make a dynamite hot sauce!) Although, let me just say that I have gotten pretty crafty at what I can put Franks on.   I also eat seafood now and again.  I like it, I guess, not really, I don't know.  I should mention that the book really is in support of veganism.  I can't do that.  I LOVE MILK.  It's kind of a sick obsession.  I grew up on 2%.  When my husband and I began living together I switched to 1% as a compromise.  Then one day by accident, I discovered that organic skim milk tastes just like non-organic 1%.  I hate regular skim milk, gross!  So while I drink roughly 1 gallon of milk a week by myself, at least it is skim (and organic).   Skinny Bitch also caused me to switch to organic.  I know, I guess that makes me sort of a hipster, but what can you do.

The occasional poultry and seafood eating just makes things easier for everyone once in awhile.  Eating it increases my recipe arsenal 100%.  When I am at a school lunch or conference it is helpful, or even just heading over to my Grams for dinner.  Places always have chicken, places do not always have vegetarian options, especially good ones.  It's kind of sad.  I mean, I like salads, I will eat a salad when I go out to dinner.  I am however always amazed at how many places have multiple salads, none of which are actually vegetarian.  How is that possible??

I get asked a lot why I have chosen not to eat meat.  Is it for the multitude of health reasons? Yes. Is it because of animal cruelty? Yes.  Is it because you don't want a steak sitting in your stomach rotting for two weeks after you eat it?  Hell Yes!  I just don't want to eat it!  I have gone through phases with my lack of meat eating.  I started with a "I don't care if you eat it, I just don't want it, it is kind of gross" phase.  Then came the "oh my god that is so disgusting how can anyone eat it" phase.  Then I went back to the "I don't care if you eat it, just keep it the hell away from me" phase.  I guess that is a little different.  Now I am sort in a "no judgement, I just choose not to eat it" phase...usually.  Sometimes meat eaters really gross me out.

So anyways, back to the "What do you eat?"  Whenever I get that question, I say "I don't know."  Because I don't, I can never remember.  I know I ate something, but what was it?  I even know it was good, but what did I make again?  Well, now I will know what I ate and how it was, because I am sharing it with you!  Aren't you lucky!  Maybe, not.  Certainly not if you love meat, because you will not get a lot of that here.

In addition to the food portion, I plan to share what is going on with my life.  I am completing my 6th and final year of grad school and I am simultaneously trying to finish my dissertation and find a job.  There is a lot of stress that comes with that, so this will be a good outlet and a good way for friends and family to keep up with my adventures.

So, without further ado, here we go...

So Long!

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