Friday, July 20, 2012

fresh friday

1.  Yea so I totally missed fresh friday last weekend.  It was with good reason.  I spent 15 hours on Friday and the day before and the day after, painting and cleaning the new house.

2.  Yes that's right, we closed on the new house!!

Unlocking the house with my keys for the first time.

Very excited!!
3.  Liv came with me and did so so so so so much work.  She is getting one (or many) awesome Christmas present(s) this year.

4.  My mom and Tony also came to help out.  My mom did some great painting and among a million other things, Tony took down a wall and put up a different one.  Pictures of that reno to come.

5.  I have sense come back to Pittsburgh knowing that we really need to start packing.  I am rather sick of people asking me if we are all packed yet.  We are not even close to being 'all packed' yet, though each day we get a little bit further.  It helps that we are basically selling or throwing everything out.  I refuse to be a hoarder.

6.  I did just buy this great new antique dresser that matches the tall dresser that my mom bought for us.  I am going to put it in the dining room as our buffet (because we are adults and need a buffet (actually it is just a big room and it needs something other than a table)).  I think I am going to organize all my craft/wrapping stuff in it.  It will be perfect!

Dresser I just bought.

Dresser from my mom.
7.  With all this cleaning/packing/painting, I think I finally have my first bout of arthritis in my hands.  I knew it was coming.  My mom had arthritis in her hands in her twenties and I already have it in my knees.  It is painful and uncomfortable.  Hopefully once things settle down it will go away.

8.  I spent my last day at CMU on Tuesday.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I am not sad or anything, it just feels weird.  At least I got to spend my last day watching Tracy become Dr. Sweet!

9.  I am so excited because in just a couple hours, I am going to breakfast with Caroline and to see Magic Mike.  We talked about going at Dave and Jen's wedding and it is finally happening.

10.  I really hope that you have been checking out this blog.  This kid cracks me up every morning.

11.  The Etching's put out an awesome music video.  Check it out! 

12.  Here are a couple cute ones of the girls.  I know you haven't seen them in awhile.

Deeley using my open computer as a pillow.

I wish I had Janey's life.

I am not sure if fresh friday is going to happen next week.  That is the day all of our belongings get loaded onto a giant truck.  If it doesn't work out, then I will see you in August!

Time for our last weekend in Pittsburgh!

So Long!

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