Friday, July 6, 2012

fresh fridays

1.  Alright, so I have had one week off of class, and I already forgot what day it is.  fresh friday coming at you a little bit late today.

2.  Devin and I went out to brunch at The Porch last Saturday.  I chose lunch, he chose breakfast.  It was all delicious.  I highly recommend heading over there.

3. Dave and Jen had a beautiful (if not a little hot) wedding that evening.  It was a great night!  

4.  I headed home on Sunday.  This is how I graded my exams Monday…

5.  This is how Monday ended…

6. Also on Monday, I picked out all of the paint for the new house.  I showed all of the house pictures to my Mom and Tony and they had some great ideas.  I am so excited!!

7.  Tuesday, Liv and I built a fire pit down on the beach.  We carried rocks from all the way down the beach.  It was exhausting.  Especially after hours of the Black Eye Pea Experience.

8.  But we made this awesome fire that night.  And made some delcious smores (those are marshmallow sticks).

Liv and David

9.   Fourth of July I spent some time at my dad and Bridget's in the pool and then did some work on some furniture for the house.  I refinished an old door for a headboard for our spare bedroom and I also refinished a table.  Turns out I am super crafty.

10. Liv is spending the next week with me in Pittsburgh.  I am not sure what we are going to do for the next two days that does not involve being outside.

11. I'm thinking Monday will be spent at the zoo.

12. This sunset happened in Pittsburgh last week.  Can you believe those colors???

Have a great weekend everyone!

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