Friday, August 3, 2012

fresh friday

1. We are officially in Lewisburg, settled into our new home.

2.  Mostly settled in.  There is still a lot to do, and a lot to buy.

3.  The girls had a very tough time the first few days, but they are coming around.  While I love there not being carpet in the house, they definitely miss it.  Especially on the steps.

4.  I will try to get pictures up of the house once it all comes together.  It is definitely a slow process.

5.  I have finally gotten to do some antiquing and I am so glad that I waited until I got here.  There are some crazy (world renowned) antique stores around Lewisburg.

6.  Whenever I have a great idea for the house, like using an old door for a headboard (it looks awesome) or using a shutter to hold the mail (also truly awesome), Devin asks "did you come up with this, or was it on pinterest?"  Of course I have to say it was on pinterest…

7.  I went in and got the keys for my office yesterday.  It is crazy, seeing my name next to the door of my very own beautiful office.  Sometimes (most of the time) none of this seems real.  I feel so very lucky to have this life.

8.  My kitchen in the new house is AMAZING!  The appliances work so well and there is so much counter space, I even have a baking section where I get to keep my mixer out.  Unfortunately, the kitties immediately took a liking to the kitchen.  I am hoping we can teach them that they are not allowed on the counter while I am cooking.  

Can you find Janey and Deeley??
9.  We took a trip out to Wegmans earlier in the week.  It is about a half hour from our house.  I love that in Central PA, you can go to Wegmans and get Chiavettas and Pelicanos.   We spent a lot of time and a lot of money in there.

10.  I have to be at school (work?) most of next week (and every week after that).  It seems that my summer is definitely over.   

11.   This adorable thing happened in Pittsburgh before we left.  I think that the traumatic experience of packing and moving to a new house has actually brought them closer together.  At least for the time being.

12.  Also before we left Pittsburgh, we did sort of a bucket list - restaurant/coffee house style and ate out nearly every day for like two weeks.  I tried to document most of it for your viewing pleasure.

Union Pig & Chicken - Incredible!

Counter clockwise from top left - Primanti's (duh), Nakama,
Big Jim's and Thai Place (top and bottom right)

Belgian Waffles from Waffallonia - My most favorite dessert ever, without question.

Last but not least, our favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh - Piper's Pub

Definitely going to be missed.

We will miss the coffe the most.  Taza, Espresso a mano, CommonPlace (not pictured)
and our favorite for Sunday morning coffee, 21st Street

Time to discover all the great things that Lewisburg has to offer.

So Long!

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