Friday, August 31, 2012

fresh friday

Well, we made it through our first full week (once it is 3:00).  Things are going great for both of us, we are just so incredibly busy.  I think I could work every waking hour of every day and still not have everything done.  The first year is always the craziest.  Even next semester should be a huge improvement.

I wanted to reflect for a minute.  Below is a screen shot of what I used to have as the "About Me" portion of this blog.  The last sentence is:  "A blog to relieve the stress of trying to finish a dissertation and find a dream job by May."

It's amazing, but it all happened.  I still cannot believe that this is my (our) life.

The house is definitely coming along.  We need more things on the walls, but besides that I think we have everything major that we need.  I will hopefully start posting pictures soon.  Or maybe I will not post pictures, and you, yes you, can come visit us!

Happy Birthday to my amazing step-mother Bridget on Tuesday!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband on Thursday!

I have never appreciated the weekend so much in my life.  Unfortunately for me, it is not a long weekend; fortunately for Devin it is.

So Long!

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