Friday, August 10, 2012

fresh friday

1.  I feel very ill prepared to complete a fresh friday today.  I have no idea what happened to this week.

2.  Well I do sort of have an idea.  I attended a workshop on course design and pedagogy for three days.  It was great to meet other new faculty members and really think about teaching and how I would like to develop my classes.

This was the gorgeous view on campus yesterday morning as I walked to the library.

3.  I picked up my Bucknell ID yesterday.  It says Faculty/Staff on it which is awesome!  

4.  Devin and I have gone on several walks this week.  It is amazing to be somewhere that everything in town is so assessable.  We walked for breakfast on Sunday, ice cream on Tuesday and dinner on Wednesday.  I am sure we will also walk a few more times this weekend as it is supposed to be beautiful.

5.  The house is still coming together.  We need some things (like closets Tony!), but all in all, it is a put together house that is starting to feel like our home.

6.  We have HBO GO thanks to Bridget.  I am so happy that I get to finish out this season of True Blood.  I am not quite feeling where things are going though.  Bad thing are happening to all of my favorite people.

We have also started watching Newsroom which I am a HUGE fan of.  It is an incredibly interesting show.  I highly recommend getting into it!

7. Next week I have a lot of work to do preparing for my classes and I have a few workshops/orientations to attend.  It should be a busy but exciting week.

8.  I am obsessed with Etsy lately.  I want to buy everything on it, and yet I buy nothing.  Well that isn't quite true.  I got a print off of Etsy, well, it was bought for me as a gift (thanks Mom).  I am going to buy a custom window cushion however.  We bought a trunk and I painted it and turned it into a window seat, so we need a cushion.  It is a random size, so why not special order it off Etsy?

9.  Another website that I am obsessed with is Joss and Main.  It has discount home stuff.  If you want to join it, shoot me an email and then I will send you a link so I can get some $15 credits.  There have been like one million things that I have wanted to buy on that site.  It just really is not practical since apparently I can expect to get paid for the first time September 15th.

10.  I forgot last week to say that I also bought Dinosaur BBQ sauce at Wegmans.  We had it yesterday with some BBQ Pulled Chicken. Yum!  Recipe modified by How Sweet.

11.  I've got a couple recipes that I have been wanting to try.  Hopefully this weekend.  This one, but especially this one.

12. And as usual, some pictures of the girls in their new home.

Janey likes to scale the fireplace which is at least 5 feet tall.

She also still loves the bathroom sinks.

Here she is completely passed out on the kitchen counter.

Deeley likes the new chair.

They secretly love each other now.

So Long!

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