Friday, February 10, 2012

fresh fridays

Hello again.
Welcome to the weekend.  
We have a busy weekend.
Devin has a Butler concert tomorrow night (fun!).
I leave for an interview on Sunday afternoon (fun?).

1. Dinner on Super Bowl Sunday was amazing!  

The game was amazing.  Go Bills!! Giants!!  
The half time show made me very uncomfortable.  Eww.

2. I have spoken quite a bit about my love for the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series.  I have also talked about how I thought they did a horrible job casting for the first movie in the series, One for the Money.  I knew the movie was going to be bad, but I guess I didn't know it was going to be that bad.  Ugh, it was awful.  I didn't laugh once.  All I do is laugh when I read the books.  Disappointing.  Poor Devin.  I owe him pretty big for that one.

3. I often get asked if my hair is naturally wavy/curly.  The answer is yes!  People always seem jealous.  I am really not sure why.  Maybe because it takes me 30 seconds to do it when I get out of the shower.  Mama Pea wrote a great post for all of you curly haired women (or men) about embracing the curl.  I embraced my curl when I was 16 and realized how much easier it was to put a little gel in it and be on my way.  And now that my hair is short, I think it is all sassy and fun.

4.  My obsession with Bob Harper is getting to be a bit much.  It has gone from mild to medium (read huge) pretty quickly.  I just love his personality and attitude.  I have dreams about him training me and totally killing me in the gym Biggest Loser style.  I kind of wish it could happen.    

5.  So I made the donuts.  They were really just like banana muffins.  I liked them.  But they were not spectacular like I was expecting.  Don't worry, spectacular is coming.

6.  I spent this week working on a job talk.  It is finally almost done.  Deeley helped me out.  I am currently calling her fluffernutter.  She is a furry mess.

7.  Yep.  This is Janey watching the puppy bowl. 

 She also does this when hockey is on.  Go Sabres!

8.  Speaking of Sabres.  After the 6-0 victory over the Bruins, I felt the need to wear my Sabres hoodie yesterday.  Plus, it was quite possibly the first time I have seen the Sabres win when they were broadcast on NBCSports (Versus).

9.  I dropped a carton of eggs of the kitchen counter when I got home from grocery shopping this week.  Two survived.  Total bummer.

10. Ok, another blog (my favorite blog) posted this video.  I almost died.

11.  Finally watched MoneyBall.  Very interesting movie.

12.  Alright, so I made some more scones.  But this time,  I made naval orange/dark chocolate chip scones.  We ate them right after I made them and they were amazing.  We ate them the next day and they were quite possibly the best thing that either of us have ever eaten.  Spectacular! Expect the recipe soon.  But here is a little teaser to get you excited.

So Long!

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