Friday, May 11, 2012

fresh fridays

1.  I feel like these past few weeks have gone by really quickly.  I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing.  On the one hand, I am really excited to move to Lewisburg and start the next part of my life, but on the other hand, I am very sad to be leaving Pittsburgh and my friends and colleagues that are here.  It is sort of bittersweet.

2.   The student advisory committee always puts together an end of the year picnic which happens to be tomorrow.  This year, I am in charge of buying all the food.   So that is where I will be tonight.

3.  I know that the service portion of an academic job (or probably any job) is usually the worst part.  I probably shouldn't say this, but I found out what departmental committees I am going to be on next year and I got so excited!!

4.  I am teaching the first summer session at CMU.  It starts the day after graduation.  I taught the class last year so I have all the notes prepared already, which is great!  I have been working on spacing things a little differently and getting together new quizzes and homeworks.  I also came up with a neat little group game to play on the first Friday.

5.  The U.S. News & World Report reported on the 10 most expensive private colleges.  CMU just made it at #10. Bucknell came out at #6.

6.  I think I have to make these.  And this looks really good too.

7.  My friend Dave created this incredibly awesome website called A Better Queue.  It takes all of the movies that are instant watch on Netflix and mashes it with the Rotten Tomatoes rating.  It is getting some great press!  Congrats Dave!!

8.   Since we are talking about food, the Greek Food Festival has been this week.  I wrote about it a couple months ago when I blogged the potato gyros.  This food festival is quite possibly one of the things I will miss most about Pittsburgh.  Here is a peak at our Monday night dinner.  Thursday night looked just about the same.

Those little fried dough pillows of heaven in the top left corner, those are worth dying for.  They are so insanely good.  They are called Loukoumades: light and fluffy honey puffs, topped with warm, honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon.  There is a very strong possibility that I may sneak over there to get them for lunch today.

9.  We had a wonderful celebratory dinner out with Howard and Kathy (my advisor and his wife) this week.  The mojitos at Alma are delicious!  Thanks again Howard!

10.  I was driving behind this person on Monday on my way to Whole Foods.  That's me!

11. This happened this week.

12.  And so did this!

So Long!

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  1. Dr. Abby,
    I tried the baking bites samoas recipe a few years ago - I'd suggest making your own caramel, and making it a little salty. At least, that's what I wish I'd done. Using melted store bought caramels works, but the flavor was a bit too sweet for my Samoa-loving tastebuds.