Friday, June 15, 2012

fresh friday

1.  Oh man, sorry for the lack of Friday morning blog.  I completely forgot, how awful is that???

2.  My (completely justifiable) reason is that I am attending a conference (all day) Thurs-Fri-Sat at CMU, plus I am teaching.  It is a busy few days.

3.  Additionally, I am sick.  I had (kind of still have) a terrible sinus infection.  I am getting better, but not quick enough.  Yeah, I am the girl that keeps coughing during everyone's presentations at the conference.

4.  Of course last weekend, on my first weekend to relax with no traveling and no major life events, I get sick.

5.  Oh plus, Devin had off all this week and it really messed me up.  I loved having him home, but it got my days all mixed up.

6.  Since this was the last time that he would have weekdays off before we move to Lewisburg, we took advantage of getting lunch at some of our favorite places.  I think we probably went out for lunch like 5 times in the last 1.5 weeks.  One of our excellent lunches was at Dormont Dogs.

7.  I tried this amazing drink while there.  It is a sparkling water with Blood Orange flavor.  It was super tasty and made me want to bake scones.

8. I'm trying to get Devin to let me buy all 11.  But I think if I can get Eric, Roman and Pam (oh and Alcide) I will be happy.

9.  There have been some incredible sunsets lately.  That is one thing I am definitely going to miss.  The sunsets over the city from our deck.

10. I promised prom pictures of Liv.  Here they are…she was 100% a princess for the night.

11.  I like to try to catch Deeley when she is sitting like a dude.  Like the most unladylike you could possibly get.

12. Janey photobombed after the first few pics were taken.

Have a great weekend!!  I have the conference tomorrow (I am giving a talk) but then I look forward to a relaxing Sunday.

So Long!

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