Friday, June 22, 2012

fresh friday

1. The beginning of this week seemed to move so slowly, but then I blinked and it somehow became Friday.

2.  Perhaps the relentless heat/humidity had something to do with it.  Holy Smokes it was hot this week.  Consistently over 90 and humid.

3.  There is a brand new blog that promises to give daily pictures of TheFaceBaby.  If you have not seen or heard of the TheFaceBaby, you are seriously missing out.  If you want to smile each day, take a second to look at this blog.

4.  So, last Friday I found out that the sellers agreed to meet all of our requests and that our mortgage was approved!   So, I think that it is safe to say that we have a house!!  We are going to be closing in about 3 weeks (Ahh!) and moving in about 5 (Ahhhh!!!).

5. Did you know that when you hire movers they give you a delivery date of between 2-4 days after they load all of your things?  What are we supposed to do without any of our things for 4 days?  We finally found someone that guaranteed delivery on the next day.  It has been a stressful process.

6.  I have one week left of teaching! It has been a great class, but I am looking forward to having some down time before starting the new job.

7.  This is something that I absolutely have to make this week.

8.  I have an overwhelming desire to go antiquing.  Like buy some old dressers and then sand them down and paint them some outrageous color.  I am not sure if I should start doing this now and then move everything to Lewisburg or wait until we move.  I need to buy a palm sander.  And about a billion other tools.

9.  I bought some pink pants.  They are like super neon pink.  I think I love them, but I might be wrong.

10.  I had an iced americano this week that tasted like strawberries.  Commonplace has an espresso blend that somehow or another tastes exactly like strawberries.

11.  Devin and I went out for mexican this week.  This is how we started dinner.

12.  I made my very first hollandaise sauce this week.  It was so yummy!

Have an amazing weekend!!  I am looking forward to a couple relaxing days and some more gorgeous Pittsburgh sunsets.

So Long!

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