Friday, June 1, 2012

fresh fridays

1. This is a fresh friday coming to you from Lewisburg, our future home.  Future = about 2 months.

2.  We find it very funny that we went from Hamburg to Pittsburgh to Lewisburg.  I guess we cannot get enough of the Burg(h)'s.

3.  We are here for our house inspection which starts pretty soon.  Oh yeah.  We bought a house.  The same weekend I graduated.  Life is moving fast and boy is it exciting!!

4.  My parents have some pretty spectacular backyards.  Unfortunately I was not at my Dad's and Bridget's to show you theirs.  

But here is my moms:

On Lake Erie

And my mom-in-laws:

This is where we got married nearly 3 years ago

5.  My family threw me an incredible graduation party last Sunday.  So many friends and family members came out and we had such a great time.  Here are some pics:

The guys jammed for a few hours!
Liv and her bf David getting the fire going for smores.
T & H! 
Jenny and Kevin 
And this is what they were watching.  An amazing sunset!!

6.  We have had some pretty eventful weekends lately.  First graduation/buying a house, then Hamburg for my graduation party, now Lewisburg for our inspection and it is also my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!  

7.  I am very excited though I have been too busy lately to think about it.  Most years I start about 3 months ahead of time and tell Devin each day how many more days until by birthday.

8.  Pretty much this year, at graduation I said my birthday was in two weeks and at my graduation party I said my birthday was in one week. Well guess what.  My birthday is in 2 DAYS!!!

9.  My mom still insists on seeing me on my actual birthday.  Every year she says "maybe next year is the year that I won't have to see you."  Turns out that it is not this year.  She is meeting me at Ross Park Mall to do some serious 'professor wardrobe' shopping.   Liv is coming too.  I cannot wait!

10.  The weekend after this weekend is going to be so nice and restful.  We may go to the Pirates game to see Boys II Men!!

11.  Oh and there is this next Sunday...

12.  Wednesday was Deeley's 3rd Birthday.  She is turning into an old lady.

Alright, well wish us luck that everything goes well for our inspection.

So Long!

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