Friday, January 13, 2012

fresh fridays

happy friday friends.

1.  Check out this blog post on kitchen organization.  I absolutely cannot wait to have a big kitchen of my own to organize!!  It is going to be amazing and I am going to get new gadgets and kitchen tools and I will have lots of room to bake and cook and make elaborate meals and desserts.  Get ready Devin.

2.  Tuesday was Janey's first birthday.  I cannot believe that she is already one.  Janey has made the perfect addition to our family.  She makes me laugh every single day and that is priceless.

3.  I got a puzzle for half off at Barnes and Noble.  I love puzzles.  I somehow find them the most frustrating and satisfying thing to work on.  It took me a good while to complete, especially with the girls being all curious.

Puzzles are way better than back when I was a kid doing them.  They have this fancy interlocking technology now.  Who knew that puzzle technology has advanced so much.  This is like the iPhone of puzzles.


4.  Have you ever had a blood orange?? They are awesome.  They are sweet and seedless and colors that oranges should not be.  It is my understanding that this one is actually lighter than most.  Most are...blood red.  I am going to pick some more up while shopping today and make these, possibly with the addition of dark chocolate chunks.

5.  So I mentioned the mocha coconut ice cream in my last post.  I did not take any pictures of it.  We ate it too fast.  It was amazing.  I am definitely making it again soon.  Real soon.

6.  Have you heard of lululemon?  It is a store with trendy yoga/running clothes.  It is like a more pricy athleta (my current favorite store for athletic clothing).  They just opened a lululemon in Shadyside.  It is so expensive.  I wish I never saw it. 

7.  This was a big week for yoga stuff.  I read this article.  It is a little scary, but really it just tells you to listen to your body.  There is no one to impress in yoga, so why push yourself past your limit?  Listen to your body. 

Well, there might be someone to impress.  I don't know.  This craigslist post is absolutely hilarious and it seems this guy tried to impress someone.

8.  Bethenny Ever After is starting again on Bravo.  I really love this show.  Bethenny is so unbelievably funny.  Her one liners kill me.

9.  It is finally supposed to snow today.  There is a little out there. Go figure.  January 13th.  Oh wow it is Friday the 13th.  Be safe out there.

10.  I am in an extreme recipe slump.  I read like 20 food blogs, and I cannot think of anything fun/new to cook.  It is very frustrating.  I am pretty excited to try this though.

11.  The semester starts Monday.  It's my last one.  As a student.  Ever.  Scary.  Exciting.

12.  I bought one of these for Devin for Christmas.  Am I awesome or what?

So Long!

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