Friday, January 27, 2012

fresh fridays

This has been a long week.  tgif.

1.  I am very sad to be attending a going away party for some good friends this weekend.  I really do not like that we are all leaving Pittsburgh.

2.  This video is ridiculous and I cannot stop watching it.   Thanks Dave J.

3.  So on Sunday, I tried to take a picture of me in my actual vintage 49ers shirt to show my support (because it did so much).  This happened.  I am a little freaked out.

4.  This is the car that I drove in this week.  I felt like Stephanie Plum getting one of Ranger's vehicles after my car blew up (must read the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels to understand).

5.  I drove this car because I was traveling for an interview.  Here are a few pics of the beautiful town that I stayed in.

6.  First thing I did when I got back to Pittsburgh with Dev of course.

7.  Several weeks (perhaps months) ago, Whole Foods had lobster tails on sale for their Friday Deal.  I bought them and they have been sitting in my freezer.  I think I am going to make up some lobster mac n' cheese this week.

8.  I am trying to decide what to make for the Super Bowl.  It is usually a chili or sub sort of activity.  That is at least what we would always have at Grams.  Any good ideas?

9.  I had an amazing dinner Wednesday night when I was away.  I wish I had taken a picture but it probably would have been weird.  Here is the description:

potato gnocchi in a tomato sugo with arugula & gremolata

The best part was the crispy skin on the fish.  And the glass of merlot.  Perfect combination!

10.  Whenever I go away, I think that the girls get some serious anxiety.  Devin always gets stuck cleaning up kitty poop off a kitty tush or kitty throw up off of the carpet.  I was gone for two nights, and he got both.  Poor Devin.  Poor kitties.

11.  Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation is one of my all time favorite characters on tv.  Last night they went bowling and he remarked that the bowling ally had his favorite restaurant.  They had hot dogs for $1 and hamburgers for $1.35.  Anne asked "aren't you scared to eat the food here" and Ron replied "when I eat, it is the food that is scared."  Probably one of the best quotes of all time.

12.  Sweet Girls.

So Long!

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