Friday, January 20, 2012

fresh fridays

hey friends!

1.  Devin had his Winter Concert at SEA last night.  It was amazing as usual.  He is amazing.  Here are some pictures.

2. I am giving a practice job talk today.  That should be fun.

3.  I also have to clean the whole apartment today.  Our place is being shown on Saturday.  I am not sure if it is for our actual place or if she just likes how we have our place decorated and wants to use it as an example.  Either way, I need to vacuum and dust and mop and scrub toilets, and oh how I do not want to clean.

4.  Poor Deeley gets tons of mats in her fur when she is in winter kitty mode.  She gets them in her front armpits and down around her lady area.  She just lays there and lets us rip them out while she makes strange sucky sounds, but I feel so bad for her.

5.  So I made some blood orange scones for breakfast on Sunday.  They were quite possibly one of the best things that I have ever baked.

6.  I got my hair did yesterday.  I love getting hair cuts.  Especially now that my hair is short and sassy and you can actually tell when it gets cut.

7.  It is Restaurant Week in Pittsburgh.  I am not too impressed with the fixed price menus at some of these places.  I don't think we are even going to participate.  Where was all the advertisement for it anyways???

8.  Abby is Awesome day (1/28) is coming up.  It is a fictitious holiday that was made up roughly 8 years ago.  We haven't actually celebrated it since moving to Pittsburgh.  It falls on a weekend this year though so I feel like we should do something.  Maybe I'll give the story of its creation next fresh friday.

9. I made mocha coconut ice cream (again).  I also toasted some coconut shavings to go on top.  It is divine.

10. I know someone on Biggest Loser!  EMILY!!  We are like two degrees of separation from being BFFs.  She is a good friend of my roommate from college.  She is absolutely beautiful and kicking butt and taking names on the show!  Plus she gets to workout with Bob everyday so while I am totally, unbelievably jealous, I also feel really bad for her.

11.  I need to make these churros.  We had churros with a chocolate sauce and ice cream at Yo Rita once and every time we go there and they ask if we want dessert, I ask if it is a churro and they say no and I am so very very sad.  I am just going to make them.  Boom.

12.  My dinner last night.  Delicious!!

So Long!

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