Friday, December 2, 2011

fresh fridays

So there are several food blogs that I read that do some sort of list one day a week.  Jessica does tuesday things, Mama Pea does Words About Wednesdays, and Tracy does I love lists Fridays!

I think I am going to start doing a list and I think I am going to try out Fridays.  The lists are usually just about anything that has been going on that week; things they have seen, tried, wanted, etc.  I am ready to share my little excitements from during the week with you.

1.  With Thanksgiving over, I have so moved on to Christmas.  When shopping with Liv on Black Friday, we were in Yankee Candle and she said, "I just love how Christmas makes you feel."  I couldn't agree more.  It is something about the sounds and smells and colors and tastes that just make Christmas the most extraordinary time of the year.  One huge taste/smell for me around Christmas is anything that contains chocolate and mint.  This usually just includes peppermint mochas or peppermint hot chocolates, but this week, I found this:

Yea, I should not be allowed to wander through the Christmas section of Target alone.  We are lucky I only came back with this and not a 12 inch neon pink Christmas tree along with a tiny little tree skirt and a tiny little tree topper and some tiny little ornaments.  Furrealz.  Let me tell you I was this close.  

These pretzels are insane.  And Devin hates the chocomint combo, so I got them all to myself!!

2.  I ordered Christmas cards this week from Shutterfly.  They were really on sale and then I stole a coupon card from my mom and got an additional $10 off.  Devin and I haven't had any good pictures of us lately so who does that leave for the card???  You're darn right, Deeley and Janey.

3.  At Kevin and Jenny's last week, I briefly heard a song on our way out from an artist that I had never heard of.  I asked Devin to find out who it was and we downloaded the album for the drive home.  I am obsessed with it.  Gretchen Parlato, The Lost and Found.  Check it out.  Maybe on Spotify.  Another thing I heard about at Kevin and Jennys.

4.  I am waiting for my Pinterest invitation…

5.   I got some new Bob Harper exercise DVD's.  I am slightly in love with Bob Harper.  He is amazing.  Such and inspiration!  He decreased the prices on all of his DVD's to encourage people to get fit before the holiday season, not after.  I got Total Body Transformation which I am trying out today and Yoga for the Warrior which I did on Tuesday.  Holy smokes this was intense.  I was sore for two days, but that good kind of sore.  The kind where it hurts to laugh or sneeze and get up from your chair but it is because you had such a kick butt workout so it was totally worth it.  I cannot imagine how I am going to feel after I transform my total body later.

6.  This stuff is amazing.  I go to Trader Joes for the sole purpose of buying this.  And it is gone before we get home.  Fail.

7.  Food Network's 12 Days of Cookies started Thursday.  You should sign up!  It is great getting a new cookie recipe in your inbox every day!

8.  As mentioned in a previous post, I love wrapping Christmas presents.  I saw this on an I love lists Fridays! and it has inspired me.  I have been pricing out craft paper and twine all week.  The special Christmas touch that I have in mind will take my gifts over the top!

9.  The semester ends next Friday.  I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished this semester.  It is very disheartening, and also very inaccurate.  I know I have a lot done, but I have so much more to finish before May.  Ugh.  Life.

10.  I am obsessed with slipper booties.  I really want these, but I cannot bring myself to ask anyone since I have two unworn pairs from last Christmas still in my closet.

11.  I think I started a new Christmas tradition.  I bought two advent calendars from Trader Joes (saw them when I was buying the Trax Mix) and I gave one to Liv and kept one for myself.  Every morning we FaceTime each other and open the days door. I would take a picture of the FaceTime chat, but it happens pretty much right after I wake up and it would not be a pretty sight.  Liv is about the only person that gets as excited for Christmas as I do.  I may have passed that trait along to her.

12.  Have you seen the commercial with the little girl that keeps running to the tree to look at the ornament that gives the countdown until Christmas and then she tells everyone and anyone how much longer?  Well that commercial came on a few weeks ago and Devin said "I bet that was you growing up."  And I thought "growing up" or still?  So, on Black Friday, I bought the ornament.  It was honest to God the only thing that was not on sale at Kohls.  Oh well.  A Christmas lover has got to do what a Christmas lover has got to do.

I hope that you enjoyed my list and that you have an incredible weekend!

So Long!

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