Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some More Soup

It is definitely getting to be the time of year when I have soup on the menu about once a week.  You wouldn't know that from today though.  Today it is 60 degrees out.  Seriously weather?  It is December 15th.  What is going on?  Not that I am complaining in any way, shape or form.   Don't get me wrong,  I would be happy if it only snowed 2 days before Christmas until 2 days after Christmas.  That's all I need.  The 60 degrees though, is a little much.  It is messing with my sinuses and even worse, my Christmas spirit.  Well, sort of.  I think I could handle a warm Christmas.  I think.

Anyways, I am about to share a modified Tuscan Bean Soup of Emeril's.  I have made it a few times.  It is hearty, nutritious and delicious!  I tried to halve the recipe in addition to a few other modifications.  

So I obviously do not use the pancetta in here.  I have in the past.  When I was a meat eater.  I remember it being great.  It doesn't need it though, FYI.  Truly unnecessary.

I start by chopping up what I believe is called a mirepoix.  Fancy right?  I try.  Oh and some garlic.  Put it in the soup pot and start softening those veggies.

These are the beans that I used:  1/2 can of kidney (left over from the chili), 1/2 can of garbanzo (the other half will be eaten with cukes and good seasons) and a whole can of cannellini (I never know what to do with leftover cannellini beans, so I used the whole can).

After they are rinsed, add those into the pot along with a can of diced tomatoes and lots of veggie broth.

I added in a branch of rosemary and a few sprigs of thyme (they are somehow still growing in my garden - oh probably because it is 60 degrees).  I didn't have fresh oregano or bay leaf so I added in some dried and also some red pepper flakes for a little kick of heat.  Oh Emeril.  Bam!

Note: if you add in the fresh herbs like this (and don't bundle them with twine), you need to fish for all of the stems later.  It is totally fine, it just takes a little longer.

Once the soup cooked for about 20 min, I added in the chopped kale.  I love kale.  Devin does not love kale.  Sorry Devin.

Let that cook until the kale is soft.  Then serve it up with some parmesan cheese on top!

I like to make crostinis whenever we have soup.  I just cut up a baguette, brush both sides with evoo and sprinkle with s&p.  Put it in about a 400 degree oven and cook until browned (flipping once).

So Long!

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