Saturday, December 24, 2011

Let's Talk Christmas Cookies

Well, really lets just show pictures.

Here is the list of what I made:

1.  Holiday Biscotti

2.  Dried Cherry and Chocolate Biscotti

3.  Toasted Coconut Shortbread

4.  Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

5.  Oatmeal Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

6.  Peanut Butter Cookies #1

7.  (Puffy) Peanut Butter Cookies #2

8.  Toasted Coconut, Toffee & Chocolate Chip Cookies

9.  Fudge Brownies

And before the pictures, a few notes.

1.  The holiday biscotti are really Christmas to me.  I only make them for Christmas and so when I have the first one, it always brings back amazing memories.  These are also a huge crowd pleaser.  I get asked for them every year.

2.  This is the first time that I have made these.  I wanted to make a 2nd type of biscotti because my nephew is allergic to pistachios and it is not fair that they never get biscotti.  This ended up more of a traditional biscotti than the holiday biscotti (read drier).  Good flavor though.  Definitely needs to be dunked in coffee.

3.  These are all butter and coconut.  Yum!

Note: I rolled the dough out between two sheets of wax paper.  It was a tip that I read somewhere.  It really helped from keeping the dough stick to the counter and the rolling pin.

4.  These are my everyday favs.  I have talked about them before.  I made a double batch because I knew people would like them.

5.  These were a little redundant after #4.  The only addition really was pecans.  I wanted to make oatmeal cookies for my mom though, and I know she enjoyed them.  I think she ate at least a dozen in one night.

6. & 7.  My dad loves peanut butter cookies.  I normally just make peanut butter blossoms which are always awesome and delicious.  I decided this year however that I read so many great food blogs with recipes for peanut butter cookies, so I should try something new.   I couldn't decide which one to make, so I made both.  #6 is a harder, sugarier cookie with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips.  #7 is this puffy, fluffy peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips.  I know that Devin and I vote for #7, but I will have to ask my father which he likes better.

8.  Remember a few weeks ago when I said that the chewy chocolate chip cookies were the best cookies I have ever made?  Well, I stand corrected.  These are the best cookies that I have ever made (according to me).  The are cococnutty and gooey from all the toffee and so amazingly delicious.  Definitely my new favorite.

9.  I needed an excuse to make these brownies again, so why not Christmas brownies?  I know Devin appreciated it and he has eaten most of them.  They really are such good brownies.

Ok onto the pictures.  I didn't really take too many.  I definitely missed things, a lot of things, but I hope you enjoy them.  Also, Devin fashioned an addition for my kitchen counter.  I don't think I could have gotten through everything without it; it was priceless for me.

How did your cookies turn out?

So Long!

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