Friday, December 30, 2011

fresh fridays

Driving home yesterday, I said to Devin, "tomorrow is fresh friday and I have no idea what to write about."  He said, just write "this week wasn't fresh, catch you next week."  I kind of liked that idea.  This week wasn't fresh; it was stressful, and worrisome and exhausting.   I didn't blog once, yet again (I also only cooked once while at home, so not too much to share). But then I thought about it a little more, and there were some things about this week that I'd like to share.  Most of them are iPhone pictures of the winter kitties (as promised last week).  Plus we got some great news this morning that makes all the stress and worry disappear into joyfulness and gratitude!

So here we go.  

Welcome back to fresh friday.

1.  We went to Tim Hortons the day after Christmas.  They gave us two free coffee ornaments and thanked us for coming in.  I said you're welcome and this sort of makes up for the awful café mocha you just served me.  I didn't actually say that.  I just nodded, smiled and thanked them.  I'm thinking a tim hortons themed Christmas tree next year…

2.  These were my Christmas Eve nails.  Pink and Sparkly.  They lasted roughly 6 hours before getting chipped.  Ugh.  Why does that always happen?  Will a top coat help?

3.  Let's talk about what I forgot to bring with me to Hamburg (all Christmas related).
  1.  My advent calendar:  I came home yesterday and threw out an advent calendar with two days unopened.  Bummer.
  2. My Christmas piano music:  Yep, another year goes by that I do not get to show off my piano chops.  It is ok though.  I have learned that I don't like playing on a real piano.  It is too loud.  I like our Wurlitzer where I can keep the volume down very low.
  3. My countdown to Christmas ornament:  I came home yesterday and found my ornament scrolling  "Merry Christmas."  A little late, but appreciated nonetheless.

4. This is a picture of Liv in her footsy pjs that I got her for Christmas.  It's a tradition.  It's ridiculous.  They had pockets this year.  I love it.  I love her.

5.  So to top off the not so fresh week, Miss Janey decides that she cannot wait 15 more minutes to get home, and poops in her kitty carrier.  Not just poops, unleashes rancid diarrhea (caused by drinking gallons of pine tree water which my father-in-law claimed was great for her, "full of nutrients") in the corner of her carrier.  Thank god we were so close to home.  Thank god she went in the corner and was not covered in it.  Thank god I have a less sensitive sense of smell than Devin.  She was definitely not herself for the rest of the night, but she is crazy Janey once again this morning.

6.  I love the Black Eyed Peas Experience.  It is so much fun! And a seriously good workout.  That game alone makes me want a Wii.  Maybe next Christmas.

7.  This is a photo of the fireplace at Big Dog.  It is the nicest coffee shop (decor) that I have ever been in.  Devin and I have always talked about opening a coffee shop after we retire.  If we ever do, I want it to look just like this place.  Gorgeous!

8.  The girls love being at my in-laws house.  They always have so much fun.  They also always sleep on the marimba when we are gone.  It is next to the window by the front door so they can see when we come home (or anyone else for that matter).  For whatever reason, Deeley doesn't mind being that close to Janey when laying on the marimba.

9.  We were very unsure of when we would be coming back to Pittsburgh.  We got back last night around 8:30 and I think all of us were so happy to be home.  Devin and I are also excited to be home for New Years.  We like spending a quiet night together and we decided on the menu a couple weeks ago while in Wholeys.  King Crab Legs.  We had them once this year for an anniversary or something important and they were excellent.  I cannot wait to make them again.  I think on the side we will have a salad and some twice baked potatoes.  Expect some blog posts (finally, I know)!

10.  And for dessert…

My dad and Bridget got me an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAide mixer.  I have to do some research and figure out what type of ice cream to make for New Years.  I am looking for suggestions!

11.  Yeah, it is suppose to be 50 degrees today.  With sun.  December 30th.  Hmm.  

12.  And last but not least, here are a few more pictures of the girls in their winter coats loving the sun and the tree.

So Long!

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  1. I know Devin doesn't like goat cheese, but this would be my vote:

    Made it last summer and it is ridiculously delicious!