Friday, December 23, 2011

fresh fridays

Welcome to fresh fridays from the burg…Hamburg!

I absolutely love that nearly everyone in Hamburg decorates their houses with some sort of lights for Christmas.  Driving down Union Street at night is unbelievable!

1.  Did I mention that getting contacted by schools that I have applied to is very exciting!  Very very exciting!

2.  I did this to my nails.  Pretty fancy huh.  It's a glitter gradient.  The color is O.P.I. Divine Swine (after Miss Piggy).  I never paint my nails.  I got so many compliments on this though.  I recommend trying it!!  I got a pretty red sparkle to apply for Christmas.

3.  Baking was fun, but exhausting.  It took two whole days, but boy did I end up with a ton of delicious cookies.  I will post pictures hopefully tomorrow.

4.  Janey finally got her winter coat (fluff).  Deeley's got bigger.  Pictures to come.

5. I play way too much solitaire on my phone.  

If I have won that much, can you even imagine how many times I have lost?

6.  I am wrapping presents today.  This is my most favorite thing to do!  I am going to lock myself in my bedroom so that the kitties cannot bother my genius at work.  I will take lots of pictures.

7.  We did not get stuck in any construction on the entire way home yesterday.  Merry Christmas to me.  And we stopped at the new Tim Hortons at Exit 147B so I didn't even need to get to Erie to get my café mocha.  Oh speaking of which, Bridget told me that Tim Hortons now has a candycane latté.  See you there in the morning.

8.  This makes me happy.

9.  I have to apologize for not having any blog entries between fresh fridays this week.  Between the baking and the cleaning and the packing, I really had very little time before coming home to think about it.  And I didn't make dinner.  Like not even once this week.  We have lived on cookies and toast and cereal.  I need a salad.  Badly.

10.  My friend Katie from college has a blog.  She posted a list of her favorite things.  One of which was the Bridget Jones books.  She said she fell off her bed laughing at the first two.  I need to fall off my bed laughing.  These books are next on my list.  I also am going to think about doing my own favorite things list, though I feel like my fresh fridays sort of give you my favorite (or most memorable) things from the week.

11. We saw Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows the other night.  It was awesome!  Go see it!  Immediately!

12.  I went to Phipps on Sunday evening with Tracy and Anne-So.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.

So Long!

And Happy Holidays!!!

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